Make a Delightful Diorama

If you’ve ever wondered what to do with the ‘treasures’ that your Wildlings collect when you are exploring outdoors, this could be your answer!

Brought to you by The Nature Bug Club

You Will Need

  1. A box (or two - its fun for the grown ups as well!)

    Any box will do, but a shoe box and/or its lid is perfect.

  2. Some paint sticks, coloured pens or paint and brushes

  3. A hot glue gun or some pretty washi tape

  4. Some old wrapping paper

  5. Your collected nature treasures

  6. Any other arts and craft materials that you have available

What to do

  1. Lay out all your nature treasures from your adventure and choose which ones you’d like to use in your box

  2. Next paint your box and any other art and craft elements you want to include

  3. Paint some or all of your treasures

  4. Once dry, position your treasures in the box to create your scene.  You could recreate something that you’ve seen or go abstract it’s entirely up to you.

  5. When you’ve arranged the treasures, glue or tape them into places. Then leave to dry.

  6. The Diorama is finished and will tell the story of your nature adventures.

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